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<< And about translation not being 100% accurate between Japanese and English,
 of course. I am half Japanese so I definitely understand that problem deep
 into my bones. But you see, Cartoon Network's translation is not just
 marginally off but it is WAY OFF at many places. Sometimes, those
 translation errors just mess up the anime itself. I was criticizing that,
 not criticizing Cartoon Network for not having 100% ACCURATE JAPANESE to
 ENGLISH TRANSLATION. I mean, sometimes even same East Asian language like
 Korean cannot be translated 100% into Japanese? ^^(Chinese, I am not sure
 since I don't understand chinese but ^^;;;) >>

  I think all this stems from the fact that when a lot anime is brought over
to America, on TV, not video, try to make it into something it isn't. They
try to turn a good anime, that's not for little kids, into a kiddie show.

  But, yet, parents allow their 8-12 year olds to watch South Park!! 8-12
year olds do not need to watch South Park, Period. Why do they edit Gundam
for, when 8-12 year olds watch South Park, then? I get the impression that,
its ok for little kids to watch South Park, because its American made, but
that all anime is evil and most be edited and changed to take the "evil" out
of it.

  I am be a little extreme there, but do you get what I am trying to say?
There's always exceptions to this of course. No one under 17 should watch
South Park. Now maybe a "mature" 15 or 16 year old could watch. I don't care
for South Park, yes, I have treid watching it a few times.


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