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<< That's not fair. Bandai's dubs have been for the most part surprisingly
 good--Gundam 0080 and Cowboy Bebop are some of the sharpest dubs out there,
 and they are head and shoulders superior to 80 percent of the voice work
 even in American cartoons, especially the unenthusiastic Saturday morning
 was (Read: Avengers). While english dubbed dialogue may never be as
 razor-sharp as say, The Simpsons or even King of the Hill (it's tough to
 write seamless english translated scripts, don't ya know), we are slowly
 getting to the point where an average person can watch a dub anime and not
 wince or screw up their face at an awkward line of dialogue, because dubs
 ARE getting better. >>

 Yep, I agree. There's nothing wrong with a quality dub. Along is its a good
quality dub, I have no problems with dubs. Bad dubs ruin the name for the
good dubs out there. While I have only seen dubbed Evangelion, the dub seems
to be very good.

 BTW, How good is Bandai's Gundam dubs? I want opinions of the quality of the
dub, how true is it to the Japanese original? not biased opinions :)


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