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<< Well speaking of Gundam and SRW not comming to the states,
 I hope they can do that too but only problem is...;;; Would you want them to
 be DUBBED into ENGLISH when they come out as well;;;? I mean, it would be
 highly unlikely that it will just have english lines when they characters
 are saying JAPANESE WORDS right? If it gets dubbed, I just don't buy them
 because simply... they are bad. By far, only English dubbing for any PS
 games or Anime that had decent dubbing was Ranma(even this was not
 sufficient but..) >>

Having something dubbed isn't the problem, its when the dub is bad, that
makes me dislike a dub. SRW has voice? If Square translated the SRW games,
there wouldn't be anything wrong with the dub. They could have an game
setting to turn dubding off and turn on English subtitles. An English version
of a Japanese game, always seems to be well done. The company that released
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete in the US did an excellent job of dubbing
it. They could bring SRW to the US. I am seriously considering putting my all
into learning Japanese. Would it be worth it to learn Japanese?

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