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<< Precisely, that is why it should be shown on an existing channel.
 But it should be shown on one where it doesn't have to be edited or
 censored. Anime films (Tank Police and Streetfighter) have appeared
 on premium TV (Showtime I think) and they've shown the live action
 version of "Wicked City" (the anime one was much better IMHO), and
 let us not forget Spawn on HBO. They could do with anime the same
 thing they did with Spawn. >>

Excalty, but the problem is, not everyone subscribes to HBO and Showtime. I
wouldn't subscribe to HBO just for one anime show, when it can be bought on
tape. My point as, unedited anime needs to be accepted by the mainstream.
Something gets more attenetion when its in the mainstream,then on Preium
channels only.

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