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<< If the video tapes are of the original uncut and unedited version,
 then it won't be so bad, come to think of it. At least then we can
 pop in the video and say "this is how it was before it was edited for
 television." The main reason I don't like it being on the cartoon
 network is that not everyone gets the cartoon network, so not
 everyone will be able to see it. I hate the idea that the reason I
 can't see GW is because these selfish 200 families next door won't
 vacate that stupid brick apartment building and let me tear it down
 so I can get unhampered satellite reception.(sulk) >>

 Yes, the tapes will be unedited. Hey, When/If broadband Internet access
becomes the standrad, we can make our own anime channels, showing unedited
anime on the Internet :)

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