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<< I'm not sure if this was covered, as it probably was, but does anyone else
 think that Gundam Wing will give Gundam a bad name in the states? I for one,
 know that alot of kids watch the Toonami block, and worship Dragonball Z and
 Sailor Moon. But what will happen to Gundam once it's known to be a "kid's
 show" by others? >>

  I very much hope and pray that I am wrong, but Wing feels like its going to
be viewed as a kids show. I know some don't like the AC Universe, but the
same thing could happen to UC, if the rumors are true that the 0079 series
will air on Cartoon Network in 2001 in one. Wing will most likely do well,
but may/most likely be a disappointment to true Gundam fans.

  I wish there was someway to ensure that Wing Gundam and any future Gundam
that will be released in the US, to keep it in its original. Sci-fi channel
should be the one to air Gundam, then it wouldn't be edited. Is Bandai
pushing to make Wing a kiddie show in the US or something? This is the
feeling I get from hearing how M-F will have its violence edited and
character "mood editing". The "mood editing" is what scares me.

  They are harming a person's creation/work by editing Wing and to me, that's
just very wrong. But, this doesn't seem to matter much in the real world. All
we can do, I guess, is sit tight and see what happens when Wing airs in
March. At least we will get two dubbed, but unedited, Wing episodes every
Saturday at Midnight. America needs an anime channel that shows unedited
anime badly.


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