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> However, video game wise, I am totally up against the American dubbings
> the games like G Generation, G Generaion Zero and Super Robot Taisen
> By looking at what happened to Xenogears and other Japanese RPGs which
> dubbed as it was coming out in the states, we can kinda see what will
> if they dub those kind of voice-intensive games including Sakura Taisen
> series and Langrisser series. Well;;; Who knows? MAY BE... JUST MAY BE
> they will be dubbed with a VERY VERY DECENT VOICE ACTORS;;(Although I am
> counting on it;;;) Well but then again, the translation for those games
> very quite exceptional I thought. So basically, they have their ups and
> downs I guess.

Well, I personally don't think it's necessary to put voices in a game. When
I play those computer games that have the option of turning off the voices
and relying on text, I always take advantage of that. I don't know, I just
think talking games are...corny.
> About King of the Hills and The Simpsons, I think they are really great
> voice actors(Remember, I DIDN'T MEAN that ALL OF THE AMERICAN VOICE
> SUCK. BUT MOST OF THE DUBBED ANIMES DO.)but don't you think they are soo
> unfitting to anime voice? Or is it just my wierd paranoid idea?;; ^^ I
> don't know. Can anyone think of a good anime character who could have
> of the simpsons voice actors? ^^

Silly rabbit, did I accuse you of saying that all American VAs suck? Btw,
the voice acting for some of the WB action cartoons are overrated,
especially for the Superman series. I just get the feeling that Superman is
bored half the time. Well, can't blame him. He is nigh-invincible, so that
pretty much kills any kind of suspense in the show, other than

As for dubbed anime voices, it depends. For instance, I find the voice
acting in Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service (remember, I'm talking about
voice acting right now, not translations) to be quite pleasant compared to
Aladdin or Lion King. James Earl Jones aside, I thought the voice acting was
pretty wooden.
> And about translation not being 100% accurate between Japanese and
> of course. I am half Japanese so I definitely understand that problem
> into my bones. But you see, Cartoon Network's translation is not just
> marginally off but it is WAY OFF at many places

Cartoon Network airs cartoons. They don't translate and dub them. I think
you mean DIC or Funimation.

Actually, sometimes you *must* rewrite a sentence for it to sound coherent
in english. 100% accurate translation is impossible without the dialogue
sounding dopey. How would it have sounded in Mononoke Hime if Claire Danes
yelled, "No! I don't want to turn into a Tatara-gami!!" Hell, there are
spots in the film that still sound hokey in and of itself.

But yeah, mangling a script with useless words and translations can be
infuriating. Oh well. It's only TV.


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