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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Heya,
> Question:
> I want to order a Gundam Book - but I feel I need to consult the people on
> this list first.
> OK. I want to get a Gundam book with great internal detail drawing sketches
> and conceptual designs. Doesn't matter what series its from. I want
> something that shows how these mecha designers do their designs from concept
> to the execution phase in animation. If possible, info on how they make toys
> from them. I heard Katoki Hajime came up with something like this...
> Which Gundam book do you guys recommend?

Hmmm... tough choice...

Get the Gundam Data Collection series. It has info and details about the MS
stats in every series... I got a V Gundam data collection and it looks really
nice inside but it still needs more info from the other ms, since they
concentrated on the gundams only and not on the enemy ms...

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