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Oh yeah, don't get me wrong there. I have not said ALL AMERICAN VOICE
If I did sounded like that, then I will take that back but what I meant was
that most of the voice actors used to dub anime are plainly... Hmm;;; Well I
guess how about then not to my taste? ^^ But I have to say that I don't
agree with you on Gundam 0083. It wasn't dubbed so well I thought. Of
course, then again, some people just find dubbed anime not appealing and who
knows? I might be one of them. But I do see the English voice actors for
anime are getting better and better as time goes on so who knows? There
might be a point in America where all the Anime fans would buy DUBBED ANIME
than the SUBBED ONES~~!! ^^(I will never be in that catagory but anyway;;;).

However, video game wise, I am totally up against the American dubbings on
the games like G Generation, G Generaion Zero and Super Robot Taisen series.
By looking at what happened to Xenogears and other Japanese RPGs which got
dubbed as it was coming out in the states, we can kinda see what will happen
if they dub those kind of voice-intensive games including Sakura Taisen
series and Langrisser series. Well;;; Who knows? MAY BE... JUST MAY BE
they will be dubbed with a VERY VERY DECENT VOICE ACTORS;;(Although I am not
counting on it;;;) Well but then again, the translation for those games
very quite exceptional I thought. So basically, they have their ups and
downs I guess.

About King of the Hills and The Simpsons, I think they are really great
SUCK. BUT MOST OF THE DUBBED ANIMES DO.)but don't you think they are soo
unfitting to anime voice? Or is it just my wierd paranoid idea?;; ^^ I
don't know. Can anyone think of a good anime character who could have one
of the simpsons voice actors? ^^

And about translation not being 100% accurate between Japanese and English,
of course. I am half Japanese so I definitely understand that problem deep
into my bones. But you see, Cartoon Network's translation is not just
marginally off but it is WAY OFF at many places. Sometimes, those
translation errors just mess up the anime itself. I was criticizing that,
not criticizing Cartoon Network for not having 100% ACCURATE JAPANESE to
ENGLISH TRANSLATION. I mean, sometimes even same East Asian language like
Korean cannot be translated 100% into Japanese? ^^(Chinese, I am not sure
since I don't understand chinese but ^^;;;)

Sorry for such a long email everyone. Have a nice day.

Steiner Kye

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>On Thu, 3 Feb 2000 09:47:04 -0500, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
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>> Well speaking of Gundam and SRW not comming to the states,
>> I hope they can do that too but only problem is...;;; Would you want
>> be DUBBED into ENGLISH when they come out as well;;;? I mean, it would
>> highly unlikely that it will just have english lines when they
>> are saying JAPANESE WORDS right? If it gets dubbed, I just don't buy
>> because simply... they are bad. By far, only English dubbing for any PS
>> games or Anime that had decent dubbing was Ranma(even this was not
>> sufficient but..)
>That's not fair. Bandai's dubs have been for the most part surprisingly
>good--Gundam 0080 and Cowboy Bebop are some of the sharpest dubs out there,
>and they are head and shoulders superior to 80 percent of the voice work
>even in American cartoons, especially the unenthusiastic Saturday morning
>was (Read: Avengers). While english dubbed dialogue may never be as
>razor-sharp as say, The Simpsons or even King of the Hill (it's tough to
>write seamless english translated scripts, don't ya know), we are slowly
>getting to the point where an average person can watch a dub anime and not
>wince or screw up their face at an awkward line of dialogue, because dubs
>ARE getting better.
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