Hyun Kye (h_kye@skidmore.edu)
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 18:08:58 -0500

Yes, I perfectly agree with you on this matter and that is what I am sooo
afraid of. I mean, people already think that Gundam is just about pointless
robot fighting each other and that just ticks me off big time. That is why
I hate Cartoon Network's Toonami.

On the other hand however, if those people bother to watch midnight episodes
on Satuarday night, or buy the original uncut video tapes, then I think
there is still a good chance that Gundam will not loose their reputation in
the States;;;(But I don't know whether people will even bother to buy the
tapes? I mean except anime fans and Gundam fans?;;)

I just wish MS 8th Shoutai would come out as soon as possible in the states
as well. That way, people will be able to watch one of the best UC calender
Gundam series.
Strictly to my opinion of course

Steiner Kye

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Subject: [gundam] Will Wing bring us dissapointment?

> I'm not sure if this was covered, as it probably was, but does anyone else
>think that Gundam Wing will give Gundam a bad name in the states? I for
>know that alot of kids watch the Toonami block, and worship Dragonball Z
>Sailor Moon. But what will happen to Gundam once it's known to be a "kid's
>show" by others?
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