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> > > She-Ra is such a magical girl. In the right hands, a
> > great update can be
> > done with this old show.
> urrrhhm....ahh...heheh. that would be nigh
> impossible to do.
> especially after the fraudulent debacle that was "new
> adventures of he-man". i grew up on the original
> he-man, and as much as i also liked the sister show
> (pun), i think only a total no-holds-barred overhaul
> can make she-ra airworthy today.
> number one, it needs to be divorced from the he-man
> formula. we all know why she-ra even came about --
> mattel insipidly concluded that only boys watched
> he-man and that girls needed a femme role model.
> this, of course, led to one of the cheesiest yet
> loveable origin stories of all time (which ripped up
> the he-man canon). number two, it needs to be
> divorced from the star wars wannabe theme (the great
> horde, a princess leading the rebellion, etc.), which
> even the live action "masters of the universe" movie
> resembled too much for comfort. number three...she-ra
> being perhaps the closest thing to an american shoujo
> show, it needs to be cleansed of all things
> digustingly cute which ruin the show more than
> anything else. number four, it must not be a
> toy-driven show.

Maybe. I had images of Utena dancing around my head when I was thinking of
how a She-Ra update might be done. Again, I said in the hands of a
COMPETENT, CREATIVE professional. Of course, a creative professional would
not need to do an update of an old show, but sometimes you gotta do this if
you want someone to fund a show you have in mind. Just take the name and run
wherever you like with it. And Mattel can provide the funds to do it. Of
course, MAttel would probably be sticking its nose in to make the show more
marketable, but hey, Sailor Moon was toy-driven and some seasons came out
not half bad.


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