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> Also, this isn't anime but I noticed a couple of Gundam refs in the Mekton Z
> "Invasion Terra" book - there's a character called "North Frozen" (a ref to
> 0083's South Burning), and the scenario where the ESPer Lens-equipped mecha
> appears is called "A New Type of Weapon" (Get it? Newtype? Awful pun).
> And while I'm on RPGs, I think the Sakura in Lightning Strike: Behind The
> Veil is basically the Alpha Aziel.

Good points. Actually, I always considered Jovian Chronicles to be Canadian
Gundam (Ianus Press and Dream Pod 9 are Canadian companies). Their Votoms
line ... I mean, Heavy Gear line is also true to anime, while their Tribe 8
line strongly reminds me of Fist of the North Star meets Valley of the Winds.


PS-I'm working out a Lightning Strike: Gundam conversion, hence my great
interest in Gundam Simulations board game.

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