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Thu, 3 Feb 2000 09:55:19 +0000

The anime fans (otaku, if you will) of the United States are often
looked down upon or treated as immature because their family and
friends see them as people who watch children's shows. This is
largely because the series, which we know are *not* for children, are
modified by the TV industry to suit an audience for which they were
not intended. So here's what happens. They hear us talking for a long
time about, say, Gundam Wing, and about the various relationships
between the pilots, the enemy, and so on. And then it shows up on TV
entirely different than we described it because TPTB have altered it.
So now we've got people who think one of the following. 1.) that
we're sickos who like to pervert nice children's shows. or 2.) that
we don't know what we're talking about concerning the series.

I think HBO or one of those channels should have an anime block every
Saturday night where they can show a series or movie uncut and

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