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I do agree with you on that point. It is clear to all of us anime fans in
the US that Cartoon Network's Toonami is just;;; well not good enough for a
single anime channel in the states. Whoever makes Anime Channel will make a
huge bucks I think and yet, no one wants to do it because they think it is
just a CARTOON. Another common misunderstanding in the states.

Well speaking of Gundam and SRW not comming to the states,
I hope they can do that too but only problem is...;;; Would you want them to
be DUBBED into ENGLISH when they come out as well;;;? I mean, it would be
highly unlikely that it will just have english lines when they characters
are saying JAPANESE WORDS right? If it gets dubbed, I just don't buy them
because simply... they are bad. By far, only English dubbing for any PS
games or Anime that had decent dubbing was Ranma(even this was not
sufficient but..)

they start releasing
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><< I do agree with you that Gundam Wing will suck. I just saw the previews
> the Cartoon Network about 5 minutes ago and it plainly.... well... hard
> discribe... The voice actors sounded like they were 25 year old guys while
> they are only supposed to be shonen?? Besides, all of us who watched DBZ
> and other animes on Cartoon Network;;;; You know what they do to a
> perfectly good anime: Turn them into childish, doesn't-make-sense,
> badly-translated, original-intro-closing completely changed etc etc
> etc;;;;;. Tsk... This is why I kinda feel bad for the entire Gundam
> Community to have to put up with all that... How come there isn't any
> decent channel for Anime in America. Tsk.... >>
> Boy, do I wish America had an anime channel. On an unrelated note, I wish
>Bandai, Banpresto, or whoever, would release Girens Greed, the Playstation
>SRW games, and the SRW like Gundam games, to the US.
> Aaron
> Aaron
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