garrick lee (
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 04:08:24 -0800 (PST)

> MIB is too lightweight for my tastes. It's not bad,
> but I usually find my
> mind wandering after 5 minutes of watching that
> show. Umm...Godzilla suffers
> from passive protagonists syndrome. And where's the
> camp? Needs more city
> stomping, less "protect the city from other
> monsters" crap. The design work
> for both shows are annie-may-like seductive, but
> that doesn't do it for me.

well, MIB never really caught on with me. go ahead
and lynch me, but i never even watched the movie (not
after i bothered watching ID4 on HBO, no way mon
ami...). i'm just not into slick flicks. the
americanized godzilla was a no-brainer too. it may
have been slicker, but gawddamn, i LOVED the rubber
suit!!! at least you see godzilla dance a jig.

anyone remember the old godzilla cartoons (the one
that at least looked like the live action godzilla)?
the one with godzuki, godzilla's son? and i think it
doubled with hong kong phooey and captain caveman (and
son!). no one seems to remember those toons. and i
swear i'm not making them up.

> >
> > After that, US stuff is border line, (action
> titles on WB rock, but
> thats
> > about it), I miss some of the imports, or made
> for American TV by
> Japanese
> > studio shows, like Pole Position, Mighty Orbots
> and The Real
> Ghostbusters.
> > Those were the days. >>

hmm...i remember mighty orbots. i think i have a
couple of betamax tapes of those. it was fun to
watch, to say the least. it was an incredible mix of
sci-fi and goofiness. turbo teen, anyone?

the real ghostbusters was a gem! i personally liked
the extreme ghostbusters, too. many hate it, but i
found it to retain the smartass wit of the original

> She-Ra is such a magical girl. In the right hands, a
> great update can be
> done with this old show.

urrrhhm....ahh...heheh. that would be nigh
impossible to do.

especially after the fraudulent debacle that was "new
adventures of he-man". i grew up on the original
he-man, and as much as i also liked the sister show
(pun), i think only a total no-holds-barred overhaul
can make she-ra airworthy today.

number one, it needs to be divorced from the he-man
formula. we all know why she-ra even came about --
mattel insipidly concluded that only boys watched
he-man and that girls needed a femme role model.
this, of course, led to one of the cheesiest yet
loveable origin stories of all time (which ripped up
the he-man canon). number two, it needs to be
divorced from the star wars wannabe theme (the great
horde, a princess leading the rebellion, etc.), which
even the live action "masters of the universe" movie
resembled too much for comfort. number three...she-ra
being perhaps the closest thing to an american shoujo
show, it needs to be cleansed of all things
digustingly cute which ruin the show more than
anything else. number four, it must not be a
toy-driven show.

> Not matter how cheesy it is, most anime, even the
> worst, is better then most any cartoon in the US.
> Yeah, Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles,
> X-Men, are some of the good examples of good kids
> cartoons that America can make.

i think your overstating your case, aaron. might it
be a bit of bias on your side? :P

the worst anime is just as as bad as american cartoon
can be. even the worst anime doesn't have saving
grace by virtue of being anime.

and anime being a wider industry than american
cartoondom is, i'd wager that anime has actually got
more crap and trash than american cartoondom can
produce. but it also follows that anime kicks out
more quality than american cartoon industry because of
sheer size. it cuts both ways. let's not be blind to

as for g wing on american tv...didn't you guys agree
that it's best that g wing get butchered and not UC
gundam? :P

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