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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Tomonaga writes,
> > The interesting thing is that the box & presumeably the manual of the
> > very first batch was titled Lala Sun's Mobile Armour and the name
> > Elmeth was not mentioned anywhere. Very shortly after the original
> > release the packaging was corrected and the kit was now titled Elmeth.
> Actually, this is backwards. The kit was originally labeled "Elmeth," but
> they had to change it to "Lalah Sun's mobile armor" for legal reasons. The
> mobile armor's name was swiped from a brand of shoe (which in turn was based
> on a French pronunciation of "Hermes") and, for whatever reason, the use of
> the name in the animation didn't bother the lawyers but sticking it on a
> model kit box did. Now that's a bizarre bit of merchandising trivia...
> -- Mark

Oops, my mistake. Didn't read it carefully enough. It seems more logical the way
I had it though.... Have you heard of anything about the changes made to 1/144
Rick Dom knee colouring due to similar reasons ?


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