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From: James Boren <jboren@earthlink.net>
> Bravo! It caught me completely by surprise. Any other gundam references in
> anime out there? (Besides Otaku no Video)

Patlabor has tons of references to other shows. If you remember the first
OAV series 2nd episode where Izumi Noa has a dream of flying her mecha, the
hangar opening was a parody of Ultraman...

You wanted Gundam references... I know some from Nadesico...

 But many are spoiler info for those who are just into it. I'll enumerate a
lot not covered by the rest here. I highly recommend you've at least have
watched up till the 24th episode of the series before reading this.


1) Peace Land in the Ruri episode - I think no. 20

parody: Side 6 parody

2) Haruka Minato becomes interim "mother" to Yukina, her loved one dies and
she has a relationship with a stiff Gort...

parody: Mirai of Gundam 0079 adopts the kids of White Base, had her lover
die and eventually falls for the stiff Captain Bright Noah... She however
isn't as well "equipped" as Minato.

3) Nadesico follows Gundam 0079:OYW story pattern. First parts are out in
space - then to Earth - then back to outer space.

4) On Earth and Mars, they encounter different mecha in different
lanscapes - from arctic, jungle, desert etc. Very Gundam 0079:OYW.

5) The Chief Mechanic is a modeling addict - on the money parody of Gundam
modelers around the world :)

I remember seeing a lot more, I'll get back to you if you want...

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