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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Sounds time consuming and expensive... If you alter the size of the
> > gameboard spaces to fit the size of MS most readily available then it
> well I did consider that. but imagine using SD models (400-500 yens per
> unit), the hexagons are then about 5 cm apart, making the game board > 100
> cm. That's just for the relatively small game board (20x17) used in
> Gundam Simulation. A even bigger board will be needed for more
> complicated geography (astrography?) and more units. There are still
> smaller toys/models available, but I think 1/550 is about the right size.

Have you heard of the Banpresto MS Selection figures ?
I have no idea how much they cost but they shouldn't be that expensive...
They are 3-3.5 inches tall, full colour, full proportion, and comes in sets of 5-9
MS, and there is a range of over 40 different MS already available.

These might be a good alternative. There's no need for painting...but the downside
is there are only a few Federation MS and most of these are Gundams...

> > You would think that Bandai would have found uses for the other 12
> > types available with the game...
> Yes they did...
> > And if you go up to 1/250 scale you get...
> > Ranba Ral set 700yen ...
> Actually these 4 kits includes 1/550 stand up figures of the same MS too.
> That's where Gundam Simulation got the toolings for most of the game
> pieces, they only had to add Guntank, Ball, Old Zaku, Elmeth and Gyan.

It seems the 1/550 kits were only included with the 98 re-release of the diorama
sets, so most of the MS minis were indeed made especially for the simulation

> BTW I found something I don't like about the game. The roster (appearance)
> table is not fair down the column. If you are Zeon and roll a 5 or 6 you
> are toasted. Or if the Fed rolls a 5,6 and Zeon rolls a 3,4 the Fed will
> look pretty bad. What they should try to do is create different scenerios
> for both sides, so maybe roll a 1,2 you get a few powerful units, roll a
> 3,4 you get a mix, roll a 5,6 you get a whole bunch of weaker units.
> E.g. can Balls, GMs and a Guntank take on Elmeth, Char's Gelgoog, and
> Doms?

I think you forgot the Gundam. The Federation always gets a Gundam no matter
what. In this case you have a Gundam plus three units with long range, whereas
the Zeon only has Elmeth with long range attack. I think even without the Gundam
you could still use the range to an advantage ? over the Zeon complement.

5,6 for Zeon would be a challenge, but isn't it what makes it fun ? If you think
traditional board games then it is really unfair to begin a game with such a power
imbalance but if you think real war then each side has to make do with what
they've got... : )


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