Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 01:25:56 -0800

>I was just watching episode 32 or 33 of the Patlabor TV series when....
>a team of Shaft's labors make a group attack- one yelling "JET STEAM
>The assault is broken up. "Damn, I've practicing that move for weeks." one
>Bravo! It caught me completely by surprise. Any other gundam references in
>anime out there? (Besides Otaku no Video)

Nadesico has tons of parodies and references to classic mecha anime shows,
including Macross and Gundam. The Crossbone Gundam manga also have some
self references - Bera Norah's parrot is full of one-liners that makes
OYW references, which the crew probably has no idea about (they all thought
it was a noisy bird and did not respond to names like Char Aznable), not to
mention the main character's realization of having read about the Cosmo
Babylonia conflict in history books.


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