Hyun Kye (h_kye@skidmore.edu)
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 01:43:16 -0500

I do agree with you that Gundam Wing will suck. I just saw the previews on
the Cartoon Network about 5 minutes ago and it plainly.... well... hard to
discribe... The voice actors sounded like they were 25 year old guys while
they are only supposed to be shonen?? Besides, all of us who watched DBZ
and other animes on Cartoon Network;;;; You know what they do to a
perfectly good anime: Turn them into childish, doesn't-make-sense,
badly-translated, original-intro-closing completely changed etc etc
etc;;;;;. Tsk... This is why I kinda feel bad for the entire Gundam
Community to have to put up with all that... How come there isn't any
decent channel for Anime in America. Tsk....

Steiner Kye.

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>Secret Society???? I sincerely hope they don't call Oz the "Secret
>in the TV show....that would suck. Especially when they have "Oz" patches
>on the sleeves of their uniforms......
>Does anyone else have the sinking feeling that the Mon-Fri. GW on Cartoon
>Network is gonna suck?
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>> > >In this Japanese animated series, five teenage boys are selected to
>> > >"Gundam" mobile and to wage guerilla warfare against the Secret
>> > >which is repressing the populace.
>> >
>> > A "Gundam mobile"?? Bwah-hahahaha! Jeez... I wonder if the
>> > has even seen a Gundam series, AC or UC..
>>I can see it now... :)
>>Heero as Robin: Holy Hiaku-Shiki Batman!
>>Duo as Batman: Yes, Robin. We have to get to the golf course, of course.
>>will need to use my secret Deathscythe in the Gundam-mobile to cause a
>>and reveal the Joker Trowa's presence...
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