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>Subject: Re: [gundam] I'd lay good odds on a MG Ziong...
>Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 22:05:42 EST
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><< My vote would be on an MG Ziong. Sure it has no legs, but the regular
> isn't very good. In addition, you known that they could do a 2nd
> variation - the Perfect Ziong! It would do really well with long time
> since it is a popular design - witness how many different garage kit
> versions of the Ziong are floating around. Think of the redesign that
> be done for the MG kit...
> >>
>Nah too big, and they just did the 1/100 Garage kit so a MG seems unlikely.
>But I will agree that the possibility of a HGUC is there.

MG Ziong without legs is a possibility but with legs that's another story.
Ziong's overall height(without the legs) is actually shorter than gundam
believe it or not. It's just bulkier and wider. We'll just have wait and see
what happens. BTW where's the MG Gouf?? And also the marine types MS??(gotta
love those guys ;) I do however agree with you on the HGUC version. Btw have
anyone seen the latest hobby japan? They have sketches of acguy for several
issues already. And also the 1999 november issue showed someone scratch
build a 1/100 scale acguy. Does this mean a HGUC or MG version is on the
works?? I really hope so.

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