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> I think I already laid my bets for the Y2K Master Grade line over in the
>anime models newsgroup, but let's pretend I didn't. Here are my picks,
>either those I think are plausible or those I'd just plain like to see...
>* Kamepfer. What else are they going to do from 0080?

        Ah.. Zaku FZ? Most of the interior is going to be a straight copy.
Only the external armour needs to be redone.. and maybe some weapons.

        I shudder at the thought of doing more hoses, which is why I
hesitated to get the R1/R2 Zakus...

        Possibly the 0080 Rick Dom IIs (again, probably an external armour
refit with new weapons) or maybe, *maybe*, even Gelgoog JGs and the new
GMs.. If we ignore their over-powered stats, these MSes already have a whole
bunch of ancestor units out in MG, so most would be a armour refit.

>* Gelgoog Marine. This could easily be revamped into Cima's Gelgoog and
>0080's Gelgoog Jaeger, and since it has few parts in common with the regular
>MG Gelgoog, it would give Katoki a chance to remake the Gelgoog in his own

        I like. The Fs and F types are similar enough such that both might
be in the same box. =)

>* GP03S. Sure it's only onscreen for about eleven seconds, but that's more
>screen time than the GM Quell got.

        Ah... I got this feeling, if they come out with the Stamen, its big
brother would be on the horizon real quick.

>* RX-79. The arguments people have made for this one are pretty reasonable,
>but the series is so recent that it lacks the patina of nostalgia that MG
>shoppers look for. It's a longshot, but I'll list it here so as to hedge my
>bets. And after that, there's no other full-size Gundams left but the Nu

        I'm not too sure which RX-79 you are talking about. After all, there
is already a G2 and a G3, and if you take Alex into the mix, a G4 as well.
Which RX-79 are you talking about?

        If Bandai goes into CCA, the Nu and the Sazabi is definitely going
to make the MG line. But all in the GP-02/Dom sized box... ouch!

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