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<< Can someone decipher those "In the last episode..." explanations for me in
 Digimon? Don't they go something like this: "Greymon digivolved into
 kabhtergshuhshsmon and Tai went and hugged him but gshfdhegfegmon de-evolved
 back to shahsdhmon and ghyrhshdhjsmon saved us. However, dfhsgfgfbbmon got
 involved in a fight with gsdjgfhsfhmon but he used his superkabutomon attack
 which totally wiped out gjsdfbsfmon! Gnarly! Guhfsdbhshfgbbmon than went
 back and got Kari to jfsdhhfsdh-evolve hfjhfngfngnfdjmon."
 Yeah. Something like that. >>

Its something like that. Those are their Japanese names, I'm glad they left
their names alone. The first few "in the last episodes" are like that, but
they get better. I do not care at all about "in the last episode", its the
show itself.

DigiMon's something you either like or you don't. It seems DigiMon revolves
arounf the theme's of friendship, trail and triumph, and companionship. I
hope they make an battleing monster anime that is more mature then DigiMon or
PokeMon, and all the monsters look more mean, more monsterish. The good
monsters need to look mean, while still looking like a good guy. The evil
monsters should all look evil.

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