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>From: Roland Thigpen <jenius@unspacy.org>
>> And then there are those that were just stolen from Japanese anime series
>like Macross, Crusher Joe and Dougram.
>Apart from the Ostsol from Crusher Joe (Locust) - were there any other mechs
>they copied from in that series?

The CSR-V12 Corsair AeroFighter is the SR-5 Siren fighter.

The GAL-100 Galleon light tank is the Galleon Galactic Tank.

The LCT-1V Locust is the Ostall Hunter Walker.

The Leopard class drop ship is the Minerva starship.

The SPR-H5 Sparrowhawk AeroSpace Fighter is the TR-5 Harpy fighter.

The STU-K5 Stuka AeroSpace Fighter is the Fighter-1 Pinnace.

More than this I do not know.


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