Phil_Abramowitz (
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:59:29 -0800

My vote would be on an MG Ziong. Sure it has no legs, but the regular kit
isn't very good. In addition, you known that they could do a 2nd
variation - the Perfect Ziong! It would do really well with long time fans
since it is a popular design - witness how many different garage kit
versions of the Ziong are floating around. Think of the redesign that would
be done for the MG kit...


From: Edward Ju <>
> No announcements yet, but the list of candiates, if it's another Gundam,
> is getting very short. I think the MG Alex kind of came out of nowhere,
> we knew probably a month or two ahead of its release, but didn't get
> teased forever with pictures of prototypes or design sketches.

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