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> << OK, these are good too, but I was thinking that some of the best
> animation has been lisenced product, lately I have been very impressed
> Men In Black, and Godzilla (based on the US movie). BTW if anyone knows
> where to find all of the Godzilla eps on tape plase private e-mail me.
> Men In Black is good, but I can not stomach that new Godzilla, yes I saw
> movie and have watched the cartoon and I hate it. Americans destroyed the

> spirit of Godzilla.

MIB is too lightweight for my tastes. It's not bad, but I usually find my
mind wandering after 5 minutes of watching that show. Umm...Godzilla suffers
from passive protagonists syndrome. And where's the camp? Needs more city
stomping, less "protect the city from other monsters" crap. The design work
for both shows are annie-may-like seductive, but that doesn't do it for me.

> After that, US stuff is border line, (action titles on WB rock, but
> about it), I miss some of the imports, or made for American TV by
> studio shows, like Pole Position, Mighty Orbots and The Real
> Those were the days. >>

She-Ra is such a magical girl. In the right hands, a great update can be
done with this old show.
> I remember the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, that was a very good one. Yep,
> like the WB action cartoons a alot, too. DigiMon is a good cartoon too,
> of course its anime :)

Can someone decipher those "In the last episode..." explanations for me in
Digimon? Don't they go something like this: "Greymon digivolved into
kabhtergshuhshsmon and Tai went and hugged him but gshfdhegfegmon de-evolved
back to shahsdhmon and ghyrhshdhjsmon saved us. However, dfhsgfgfbbmon got
involved in a fight with gsdjgfhsfhmon but he used his superkabutomon attack
which totally wiped out gjsdfbsfmon! Gnarly! Guhfsdbhshfgbbmon than went
back and got Kari to jfsdhhfsdh-evolve hfjhfngfngnfdjmon."

Yeah. Something like that.


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