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Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:06:32 -0800

>Eddie writes,
>> 2 amphibious suits haven't been MG'ed or HGUC'ed
> True, but if they didn't do an MG Zugok, I can't see them doing an MG
>Acguy or Zock...

The MG Zock is out of the question, due to its massive size. However,
the Acguy seems to be really popular in Japan, judging by at all the
mods in recent issues of Hobby Japan.

>> not to mention MSV for MG line.
> Also true, but the MSVs don't seem to have as much star power (aside from
>the ubiquitous High Mobility Zaku). They never even did an MG Full Armor

There's the B Club conversion kit for it. I think it probably didn't do as
well as Bandai hoped to justify a MG release, but then again they put out
the resin parts for a FG kit conversion...

>> I thought a while ago there was a rumor here about the next 0080 MG kit
>> being the Zaku FZ.
> I haven't heard anything along these lines. I'd previously have scoffed at
>the notion - after all, it has no parts in common with the regular Zaku -
>but that was before they did the GM Quell. Now, who knows? It might make a
>swell antagonist for the Alex - arguably better than the ill-fated Kaempfer.

At least it has potential for double sales, if they kept the German helmet

>> Hmm, so he wasn't involved with the previous 3 MG Gelgoog kits? I'd hate
>> to see Mika Akitaka's excellent design being messed with.
> Nah, the MG Gelgoog was made over by Okawara (with BEE-CRAFT doing the
>Cannon and A type modifications).

I thought they were only involved in providing CG box cover art?

>Aside from teensy doodles in the HG Gundam
>manual and the line art of the Lili Marlene's catapult system, Katoki has
>apparently never even drawn a Gelgoog. Quite the oversight, eh?

Maybe the curvy design did not appeal to him.

>> This sucker is so hard to pose in any scale. They got to figure out some
>> solution to the weight of the fin funnels. I'd love to see a 1/60 scale
>> MG F-91 or V2AB.
> But would a 1/60 scale kit still be a Master Grade? For the last few
>years, there seems to be a strict correspondence between scale and "grade".
>For that matter, it's been a while since they did a non-1/144 HG of any

Endless Waltz?

I don't have a problem if they decide to go PG with the scaled down suits,
but to pull a MG with 1/100 scale F91 or V suits doesn't sound like a good
idea - the suits are simply too small in 1/100 to fit enough details or
interior parts.

>> Wow... interesting idea! After all, they did put out a MG Super Gundam,
>> why not the original G Armor, which is much more fun to play with?
> Bingo. It may be a pipe dream, but that's the one I'd _really_ like to
>see. I note that the SD Gundam line has caught retro-G-Armor fever... ;-)

I see a lot of people selling that kit on eBay, but interest in it seems
to be low. They even had a UFO catcher SD toy fashioned after the old
Clover diecast toy, complete with parts to recreate the "last shooting"

>And, as for the history of the MG series...
>> Draw your own conclusions from that schedule of releases...
> My conclusion would be that almost half the existing MG series (11 of the
>26 non-limited-edition kits) shipped during this past year. I suspect our
>friends at Bandai Hobby may simply be taking a little rest. ;-)
>-- Mark

I'd blame the slump during 1997 and 1998 to the recessing economy in Japan.
Had things been different, they might have kept going and came out with MG
Gelgoog Marine kits already. They certainly didn't sit on their butts and
really capitalized on the 20th anniversary. Wonder what's cooking for the


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