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> Yep. In that case, we first heard about from that darb2000 site and the
>G-GOODS newsletter, followed shortly by the unveiling of the prototypes at a
>Japanese hobby show. By these same early indicators, all we have between now
>and April is a couple of HG-UC kits and the PG Z Gundam.

With a mega-expensive PG Zeta, I don't think we need other kits digging
into our wallets for a while!

> However, I think Eddie previously observed that MG releases tend to be
>seasonal - we get a couple in the summer and a couple more at the end of the
>year. I'd expect to see the next batch around June or thereabouts...

Here's the release dates from the MG catalog:

1995 July RX-78-2
        October MS-06S Char's Zaku II
                        MS-06F/J Zaku II (grunt version)
1996 March RX-78-3
        April MSZ-006 Zeta
        June MS-06R-1 Shin Matsunaga custom
                        MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden custom
        October RX-78-2 Crystal
                        MS-06S Crystal
                        MS-06F/J Crystal
        December MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
1997 March MS-14B/C Gelgoog Cannon
        July RX-78 GP-01
        September MS-14A Gelgoog (grunt version)
        December RX-78 GP-01Fb
1998 June RX-78 GP-02A
                        RX-78-2 Coating Version
        July MSZ-006 Zeta Coating Version
        August RX-178 Mk-II Titans version
                        RX-178 Mk-II AEUG version
1999 January FXA-05D + RX-178 Super Gundam
        February RGM-79 GM
        May MS-05B Zaku II (regular)
                        MS-05B Zaku I (Black Tri Star version)
        June MS-06R-1A Black Tri Star custom
                        MS-09 Dom
        August MS-06S Coating Version *
                        RX-78 GP-01Fb Coating Version
        October RX-78 NT-1
                        MS-09 RickDom
        December RGM-79N GM Custom
                        RGM-79Q GM Quel
                        MSZ-010 ZZ
2000 January GP-02A Coating version
                        MS-06F/J Coating version

* the MG catalog mistakenly listed itas released in Aug 1996

Draw your own conclusions from that schedule of releases...


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