Neil Baumgardner (
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 19:44:19 -0500

Edward Ju wrote:

> No announcements yet, but the list of candiates, if it's another Gundam,
> is getting very short. I think the MG Alex kind of came out of nowhere,
> we knew probably a month or two ahead of its release, but didn't get
> teased forever with pictures of prototypes or design sketches.

Still, we dont know whats ahead in the next month or two, unless Mark is right about
it being seasonal.

> The chance of a MG GP-04 is looking better than ever...

Mmmmm! I dont think it will happen, but then again I never would have thought we'd
see an MG Quel! HG maybe, but an MG!

Of course I'll still hold out hope for a GP03 with the Orchis Mobile Armor. Hey it'd
only be about five feet long!

> I'd wait a few months, if it's a good seller you can bet Bandai will make a
> MG version the way they did with the R-type Zaku IIs.

Hmm, actually also I'd like to see some 0080 MGs, like the GMs for instance (or the
Zaku FZ, Rick Dom II, or Kampfer). If not, then I'd like to see B-Club do conversion
kits then.


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