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Eddie writes,

> No announcements yet, but the list of candiates, if it's another Gundam,
> is getting very short.

  And with the Guncannon, Zugok, and Gouf seemingly out of the running -
since they've been rolled into the HG-UC line - it looks like the original
series is pretty much tapped out. (I'd bet the Zeong ends up as an HG-UC as

  I think I already laid my bets for the Y2K Master Grade line over in the
anime models newsgroup, but let's pretend I didn't. Here are my picks,
either those I think are plausible or those I'd just plain like to see...

* Kamepfer. What else are they going to do from 0080?

* Gelgoog Marine. This could easily be revamped into Cima's Gelgoog and
0080's Gelgoog Jaeger, and since it has few parts in common with the regular
MG Gelgoog, it would give Katoki a chance to remake the Gelgoog in his own

* Powered GM. A modest adaptation of the GM Custom, and for some reason it
seems sexier than the GM Cannon II.

* GP03S. Sure it's only onscreen for about eleven seconds, but that's more
screen time than the GM Quell got.

* RX-79. The arguments people have made for this one are pretty reasonable,
but the series is so recent that it lacks the patina of nostalgia that MG
shoppers look for. It's a longshot, but I'll list it here so as to hedge my
bets. And after that, there's no other full-size Gundams left but the Nu

* Full Armor Gundam or G-Armor. Why not revisit the original RX-78 again?
It's not like they got it right the first time - as with the Gelgoog Marine,
this could give Katoki an excuse to redo the MG Gundam in order to "improve
the G-Armor docking gimmick" or "improve the appearance of the armored
mode." I'd certainly be happy as a clam.

  Try as I might, I can't believe we'll see any non-Gundam Z or ZZ mobile
suits in the MG line. If they shifted the super-popular Type 100 and
Quebeley off to the HG-UC line, what chance do the Rick Dias, Hizack, and
Marasai have? Me, I'd be happy if we get an HG-UC Gaplant, The O, or
Geymarck... let alone a Bound Doc!

-- Mark

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