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Wed, 2 Feb 2000 16:39:21 -0800

> Actually, this is backwards. The kit was originally labeled "Elmeth," but
>they had to change it to "Lalah Sun's mobile armor" for legal reasons. The
>mobile armor's name was swiped from a brand of shoe (which in turn was based
>on a French pronunciation of "Hermes") and, for whatever reason, the use of
>the name in the animation didn't bother the lawyers but sticking it on a
>model kit box did. Now that's a bizarre bit of merchandising trivia...
>-- Mark

Not so bizzare when you consider how the you never see "Metallica" and
"AC/DC" on the merchandised version of Beavis & Butt-head, but they kept
those on their t-shirts even in new episodes. They probably invoked
Fair Use for the animation, but when it came to merchandising, that's where
it draws the line.


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