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Tomonaga wrote:
> Sounds time consuming and expensive... If you alter the size of the
> gameboard spaces to fit the size of MS most readily available then it

well I did consider that. but imagine using SD models (400-500 yens per
unit), the hexagons are then about 5 cm apart, making the game board > 100
cm. That's just for the relatively small game board (20x17) used in
Gundam Simulation. A even bigger board will be needed for more
complicated geography (astrography?) and more units. There are still
smaller toys/models available, but I think 1/550 is about the right size.

> game board should still fit in your room! But at 1000yen per MS... : )

Well 1/144 models are the same size and cost only 300 Yens per units. but
that will make the board size > 150 cm.

> Interestingly only the following 1/550 minis were available with other kits:

Well I have the 1/550 Gelgoog, Dom (3) and Gundam.

> You would think that Bandai would have found uses for the other 12
> types available with the game...

Yes they did...

> If you go down in scale to 1/1200 you can get a few more MS types but
> these are tiny:

The GM, Ball and Zeon MS are pretty good. Small size is ok for game
playing. But the Gundam, Guncannon, Guntank and Gunpellie are horrible
bumps of plastic.

> And if you go up to 1/250 scale you get...
> Ranba Ral set 700yen ...

Actually these 4 kits includes 1/550 stand up figures of the same MS too.
That's where Gundam Simulation got the toolings for most of the game
pieces, they only had to add Guntank, Ball, Old Zaku, Elmeth and Gyan.

> The big problem is finding all these kits though...

Hmm the Diorama sets were re-released in 1998, but now they are
disappearing off the shelves. Don't know if they sell well or not. The
other kits are pretty easy to find. Would be really sweet if the fans
convince Bandai to re-release the game sets. If it's the 600 Yen set, I
would buy 3 sets right off the bat.

> Do you mean a situation where a Zeong a Zaku and Gundam are lined up
> side by side on the game board?


> I don't see any problems in Zeong attacking Gundam and vice versa but

Well Gundam (G) has a range of only 1 so Gundam will either have to shoot
down or get around Old Zaku (O) to get at Zeong(Z).

Let's say:
    Fed Zeon
1. start G OZ OZ moves -> GOZ
2. G kills O -> G Z Z shoots (miss) -> G Z
3. G moves -> GZ Z shoots (miss) -> GZ
4. G shoots ...

(hope people understand my notation)
So you see even with Zeon's Old Zaku-Zeong tandem charging Gundam, Zeong
can still take 2 shoots at Gundam. And Gundam will have to kill Old Zaku
(which is not a sure thing) and survive two shots before it can even take
a shot at Zeong. I guess a better tactic for Gundam is to get around:

    Fed Zeon

Of course Zeong can shoot at Gundam at turn 2 if it so choose to.
Basically OZ can choose to dance with G for as long as they want and they
can choose when to start the shooting. Of course during the dance, both
sides will try to rush in reinforcements. Basically means that in this
game it's very important to play teams of units and have them move across
the board smartly.

> using the Zaku as a shield. Do you mean adding the Zaku's defence
> ability to the Zeong's ? This might make things a bit complicated.

No no no, just what I said, getting in Gundam's way without blocking
Zeong's shots at Gundam.

> Also note that the Zaku in this case doesn't represent an obstruction
> in space even though neither the Zeong or the Gundam can occupy the

Ok that's what I wanted to ask. I guess that means the colonies are not
obstruction either.

BTW I found something I don't like about the game. The roster (appearance)
table is not fair down the column. If you are Zeon and roll a 5 or 6 you
are toasted. Or if the Fed rolls a 5,6 and Zeon rolls a 3,4 the Fed will
look pretty bad. What they should try to do is create different scenerios
for both sides, so maybe roll a 1,2 you get a few powerful units, roll a
3,4 you get a mix, roll a 5,6 you get a whole bunch of weaker units.
E.g. can Balls, GMs and a Guntank take on Elmeth, Char's Gelgoog, and

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