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Wed, 02 Feb 2000 16:22:50 -0800

Tomonaga writes,

> The interesting thing is that the box & presumeably the manual of the
> very first batch was titled Lala Sun's Mobile Armour and the name
> Elmeth was not mentioned anywhere. Very shortly after the original
> release the packaging was corrected and the kit was now titled Elmeth.

  Actually, this is backwards. The kit was originally labeled "Elmeth," but
they had to change it to "Lalah Sun's mobile armor" for legal reasons. The
mobile armor's name was swiped from a brand of shoe (which in turn was based
on a French pronunciation of "Hermes") and, for whatever reason, the use of
the name in the animation didn't bother the lawyers but sticking it on a
model kit box did. Now that's a bizarre bit of merchandising trivia...

-- Mark

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