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Wed, 02 Feb 2000 16:18:22 -0800

Neil Baumgardner wonders,

> BTW, do we know what the next MGs are? I thought we knew months ahead of time
> that the Alex and GM Custom and Quel were coming out.

  Yep. In that case, we first heard about from that darb2000 site and the
G-GOODS newsletter, followed shortly by the unveiling of the prototypes at a
Japanese hobby show. By these same early indicators, all we have between now
and April is a couple of HG-UC kits and the PG Z Gundam.

  However, I think Eddie previously observed that MG releases tend to be
seasonal - we get a couple in the summer and a couple more at the end of the
year. I'd expect to see the next batch around June or thereabouts...

> Also, I just noticed on HLJ that B-Club is coming out with some conversion
> kits - 'detail up' kits for the 1/144 RX-79(G) and -79(G)Ez-8, but also a
> 1/100 MG 'GM Cannon' conversion kit. Please, please tell me this isnt actually
> GM Cannon II conversion kit (as Neil cowers in fear of spending yet more
> money)....although if not I assume it cant be that far off.

  I'm pretty certain it's a classic GM Cannon conversion kit for the regular
MG GM. You'd pretty much need an Alex or a GM Custom - maybe both - to
convert into a GM Cannon II.

> Does B-Club have a web page, I cant find one.

  Not to my knowledge...

-- Mark

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