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Tomonaga wrote:
> An interesting observation...The only Elmeth kit released by Bandai
> was the 1/550 kit with the Gelgoog. This was released in October 1981.
> The interesting thing is that the box & presumeably the manual of the
> very first batch was titled Lala Sun's Mobile Armour and the name
> Elmeth was not mentioned anywhere. Very shortly after the original
> release the packaging was corrected and the kit was now titled Elmeth.

That's an very interesting bit of trivia. I wonder if anyone has an
un-opened original box. Could be worth like 1000 Yens by now. :)

> I brought this up because, I noticed that in the simulation game, the
> Elmeth is only referred to as Lala Sun's Mobile Armour, which suggests

Yeah I was wondering about that. It makes sense, since you said the game
was released in 1981.

> The Elmeth wasn't the only anomaly, the Texas Colony diorama set's
> original box art was changed after people realised that the GunCannon
> didn't actually set foot inside the colony! and instead of adding a
> Gyan they left the GunCannon in. Also the original Jabrow box art
> showed the GM being attacked by Char outside in the open, with the
> cave in the background.

Ahh... I see, that's why the G-Shop shows two different box art for each

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