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> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Also if you are making your own version, and wanted 37 substitute minis, it's going
> > to cost a lot more than 4800yen methinks!
> Hehe, well I was fantasizing a bit about custom casting something like 100
> minis at a time... But the cost will have be shared between at least 5
> gamers... A pretty long shot due to all kinds of difficulties.

Sounds time consuming and expensive... If you alter the size of the gameboard spaces to
fit the size of MS most readily available then it shouldn't be a problem? If you are
going to fantasize, how about MSiA figures? Not all the MS are available yet but they are
readily available individually and are small enough so that even a scaled up game board
should still fit in your room! But at 1000yen per MS... : ) But then if you are someone
who already collects these then they can be put to good use.

Interestingly only the following 1/550 minis were available with other kits:

- included with 1/550 MAX-03 Azzam 400yen (Also includes Masera Attack tank)
- included with 1/550 MAN-03 Braubro 700yen

Char's Gelgoog
- included with 1/550 MAN-08 Elmeth 300 yen

- included with 1/550 Medea Cargo plane 400yen

You would think that Bandai would have found uses for the other 12 types available with
the game...

If you go down in scale to 1/1200 you can get a few more MS types but these are tiny:

1/1200 White Base 1000yen
includes Gun Perry Cargo plane, Gun Tank, Gun Cannon, Gundam

1/1200 Salamis Space cruiser 400yen
includes GM(x3) Ball(x3)

1/1200 Gau
includes Zaku(x2), Char's Zugock, Zugock

And if you go up to 1/250 scale you get...

Ranba Ral set 700yen
Gouf, Zaku, GunTank

Jabrow set 700yen
Zaku, GM, Zugock

Texas Colony set 700yen
Gun Cannon, Gundam, Char's Gelgoog

A-Bao-A-Qu set 700yen
Zeong, Rick Dom, Gundam

1/144 RB-79 Ball 300yen
Includes a 1/250 Ball as well

The big problem is finding all these kits though...

> .
> > ... Gundam attacking Zeong, Zeong attacking Gundam - in either case
> > the matching stats mean that the probability of survival is ~71%.
> Actually your probability values were wrong, 2 dice produce these odds:
> Value, Probability

Oops! For some reason I only included unique combinations in my calculations. I remember
I started off with the 36 possible combinations then changed it to 21 unique
combinations! I didn't take statistics at university so, it must have been some leftover
habit from high school maths problems. : )

> Anyway your point about the sensibilty of the stats table is well taken.
> This is what's attractive about this game, the rules are simple enough
> that casual gamers can get into it. But the game play can be as complex
> as chess or go so that skill is more important than luck.
> [Hmm, one more rule to decide, can a long range unit shoot over another
> unit? E.g. Can Zeong use Old Zaku as a shield against Gundam?]

Do you mean a situation where a Zeong a Zaku and Gundam are lined up side by side on the
game board?

I don't see any problems in Zeong attacking Gundam and vice versa but I don't know about
using the Zaku as a shield. Do you mean adding the Zaku's defence ability to the Zeong's
? This might make things a bit complicated. Also note that the Zaku in this case doesn't
represent an obstruction in space even though neither the Zeong or the Gundam can occupy
the same spot. Compare the asteroids. These completely block off attack and movement in
the direction of this space( see second diagram in part 6).

An interesting observation...The only Elmeth kit released by Bandai was the 1/550 kit
with the Gelgoog. This was released in October 1981. The interesting thing is that the
box & presumeably the manual of the very first batch was titled Lala Sun's Mobile Armour
and the name Elmeth was not mentioned anywhere. Very shortly after the original
release the packaging was corrected and the kit was now titled Elmeth.

I brought this up because, I noticed that in the simulation game, the Elmeth is only
referred to as Lala Sun's Mobile Armour, which suggests that the game was released prior
to the Bandai package design people became aware of the Elmeth name.

It seems that the package design people didn't seen the first broadcast of the Gundam
series, and only learnt of the name after the episode was shown in the second
broadcast... It might also help explain why the Zeong and the Elmeth minis in the game
are made to a funny scale. The only Zeong kit was released in March 1981. It might even
be safe to say that the simulation game was released in the first quarter of 1981.

The Elmeth wasn't the only anomaly, the Texas Colony diorama set's original box art was
changed after people realised that the GunCannon didn't actually set foot inside the
colony! and instead of adding a Gyan they left the GunCannon in. Also the original
Jabrow box art showed the GM being attacked by Char outside in the open, with the cave in
the background.


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