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2 Feb 2000 21:52:21 -0000

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000 21:19:10 +0000 Justin Palmer <> wrote:
> Also, I believe, though I haven't actually seen Crusher Joe, the
>Locust and Leopard Class drop ship, at least its CV (carrier) version. I
>think there might have been a bit of a mix up here - I know the Ostsol
>from Battletech as actually being a somewhat modified Zentraedi

Yeah, the Locust in BTech is the Ostsol from Crusher Joe and one of the Leopards (I forget which one and I don't feel like pulling out my copy of Crusher Joe the Movie) is also. The Ostsol, Ostroc and Ostscout in BTech were all taken from the Zentreadi battlepod and the Marauder is, of course, the officer pod. Guess they just liked the name Ostsol, and so kept it for one of their mechs.


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