Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 13:48:04 -0800

>Rodrick Su wrote:
>> Actually, Amuro was complaining about RX93's psychoframe being too sensitive
>> to his psychowave. The funnel is almost being piloted by instinct alone.
>> RX93 was the best and the most well suited Mobile Suit that Amuro ever
>> piloted.
>I think I remember this... think Amuro was complaining about it after Gyunei
>killed Kayra Sue after making her hostage... both of them are in a standing
>point, but the fin funnels by themselves positioned to attack Gyunei, forcing
>him to squeeze the heck out of Kayra...
>(Is that her real name? She's the pilot of the ReGZ right? She's the one
>married me think...)

I thought he was merely complaining about how oversensitive the psychoframe
and fin funnels were, which should be easily fixed by recalibration. It
didn't sound like the machine was unable to catch up with him - actually it
was more like the machine responded too fast and acted before he could
finalize his thought.


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