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Richard Holman wrote:

> >>
> And I haven't seen one bit of any
> >anime that can approach the humor content of a run of the mill Daffy Duck
> >cartoon.
> >
> Oh I don't know, SD Gundam had me rolling, but yeah for kids humor, the US
> does have a corner on the market, and that is OK.

Kid's humor? I'm not talking about kid's humor. Watch those cartoons
again. What SD Gundam kid would get references to hoarding during the war,
Frank Sinatra, hard-ons, murder mysteries, the Honeymooners, etc? None of
those cartoons were written for kids. They were *free*, get it? No bullshit
marketing schemes like now, no extra charge to see them. The adults making
them wrote them for *themselves*, not their children or anybody else. If
*they* laughed, they were satisfied.


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