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> > Not matter how cheesy it is, most anime, even the worst, is better then
> most any cartoon in the US. Yeah, Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles,
> X-Men, are some of the good examples of good kids cartoons that America can
> make.

Rightey-o. With the sole exception of Batman and Gargoyles (and perhaps the X-men), American cartoons cater to the prime-time sitcom crowd. Everything gets perfectly resolved in 30 minutes (and the main characters never change their clothes). hah hah. Aside from the easy resolution, characters are not developed and cater to a younger mind with ridiculous antics or pure action....

*sigh* Maybe that's why we all loved Gatchaman, Robotech, and Transformers--because they were originally Japanese (and still retained some depth of interest, even though they too were Americanized).

> Did everyone hear what's supposed to happen to Gundam Wing in the US? If
> no, here goes. Wing will start this March, one each weekday and two episodes
> every Saturday at Midnight. The weekday ones will have edited violence AND
> maybe modified moods!! Ugh! The two Saturday epidoes will be un edited and
> are supposed to be excalty like the Japanese one, I think, with the only
> change being it will still be dubbed.

Yup. The character changes are suposed to make the edited plot violence more palatable.

> If they are going to bring anime to US TV, they should just dub it and
> leave everything else alone. >>

They will be releasing an unedited version of both the sub and dub on VHS and DVD shortly after the program airs (I think that's to appease the REAl fans, not the kids). However, it still won't change the fact that many people will see Gundam Wing for the first time as a chopped-up-mindless-blob.

They try to turn some anime into little kiddie
> shows, which makes me mad. Yes, of course, there's kid anime. I don't think
> Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, etc. are meant for 2-5 year olds. I think they are for
> middle school to adults.

Absoultely not. Even in Japan, though they air for children younger than middle school, they are certainly not for the sensitive American babies (sensitive because we keep reminding them NOT to try these things at home).

> Games like Final Fantasy 8 are left alone. The age range that they are
> editing Gundam Wing for, have EASY access to video and computer games that
> have alot more violence then Gundam Wing does. I've seen parents buy a game
> with a 17 and up or a 13 and up rating for this 11 year old. Yet, these same
> parents will complain about TV violence that's less then what's in some
> games. I find this as wrong. So, I wish they would see there's no need to
> edit Wing at all.

Some very good points, Aaron. It all lies in the fact that American money-grubber production companies STILL associated cartoons=kids. That's the problem (oh yeah--that and the fact that Toonami makes more money than local anime stores).

Am I making sense at all? sheesh, I feel kinda out of it. :)

Vincent Valentine


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