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Tomonaga wrote:
> Also if you are making your own version, and wanted 37 substitute minis, it's going
> to cost a lot more than 4800yen methinks!

Hehe, well I was fantasizing a bit about custom casting something like 100
minis at a time... But the cost will have be shared between at least 5
gamers... A pretty long shot due to all kinds of difficulties.

> If the resolution of the scanned image was a little higher, there
> wouldn't have been any problems but as it is , virtually all the text
> kanji in the scan are vague blobs and I had to use guesswork for some
> of it. Note also that my last post wasn't an attempt at direct word
> for word translation but an explanation of all the relevant points.

Yeah if the res was a bit higher it would be easy to read, but then if it
were a bit lower it would be completely unintelligible. But I am counting
my blessing for both the resolution and having you on GML. :) I am
trying to decipher some of the kanji with 200% zoom in also. Geez it's
tough, even the kanas are hard to make out. You did a great job!

It seems like you got all the rules translated correctly, the manual
seems a bit wordly but it looks like a lot examples.

> Possible course of action for a MS in a single turn:
> (1) Stay put
> (2) Move - anywhere within the space specified by Movement point
> (3) Attack - only if the enemy MS is within attacking range.

That sounds very reasonable.

> *(4) Move + Attack but not Attack + Move

I think you are right: move and attack should not be allowed for the same
unit in a turn. It will not only make the game runs faster but it will
also tip the balance towards offence big time. An attack will never
result in damage to the attacker so if attack and move is allowed then it
will mainly be an exercise in frontal charge. But with attack OR move, it
pays to sit tight on a defence line and wait for the enemy to walk into
your range. Also it makes sense to run sometimes, since a unit cannot
chase AND shoot. ALSO it makes Range much more meaningful, imagine a Ball
up against a Rick Dom 3 or 4 spaces apart and it's Ball's turn. The Ball
has a pretty decent chance despite inferior speed, attack and defence just
by the virtue of a longer range. [gone to change the page again...]

You know playing through some mini-combats in my head, it does look like
an excellent game despite its simplicity. E.g., with some smart
movements, a Ball and a Guntank can take on a pair of Gelgoogs! Am I the
only one wanting to play this?!

> ... Gundam attacking Zeong, Zeong attacking Gundam - in either case
> the matching stats mean that the probability of survival is ~71%.

Actually your probability values were wrong, 2 dice produce these odds:
Value, Probability
 2, 1/36
 3, 2/36
 4, 3/36
 5, 4/36
 6, 5/36
 7, 6/36
 8, 5/36
 9, 4/36
10, 3/36
11, 2/36
12, 1/36

So in your example of Gundam vs. Elmeth (both A12 D6), the chance of a
kill is 28%, of disabling is 14% and of survival is 58%. Zaku II can
survive a Gundam attack with a 16.7% chance (8.3% disabled, 8.3%
untouched). Also a Ball can disable Elmeth with a probability of 5.6%,
and may kill it with a 2.8% odds <HAHAHA>. But then 2 or 3 Balls can
tangle Elmeth up long enough that a Gundam or Guncannon can arrive to
finish her off. The possibilties are deliciously rich!

Anyway your point about the sensibilty of the stats table is well taken.
This is what's attractive about this game, the rules are simple enough
that casual gamers can get into it. But the game play can be as complex
as chess or go so that skill is more important than luck.

[Hmm, one more rule to decide, can a long range unit shoot over another
unit? E.g. Can Zeong use Old Zaku as a shield against Gundam?]

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