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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>Hey, BTW Mark, I just noticed that my 0083 comic says that the Gwaden was
>Giren's flagship, not the Gwarib. Is there any truth to this? It would
seem to
>make sense, as the Gwaden needs a Zabi commander (Delaz merely being the
>ship's captain) and also establishes the Delaz-Giren tie.

  I don't think so. After a lot of searching for info on the One Year War
affiliations of the 0083 cast, I've concluded that both Gato and Delaz
were members of Dozul's Space Attack Force, rather than reporting
directly to Giren. (It's sometimes asserted that Delaz was part of the
Zeon imperial guard, but that's even less likely, since the imperial
guard was controlled by Kishiria.)

  It's not really the case that the Gwazin is reserved for Zabi family
members. After all, there are only five Zabis and eight Gwazins, and
Garma spent most of the war on Earth. Rather, the Gwazin serves as a
fleet flagship. Dozul's Space Attack Force has six fleets, Kishiria's 7th
Division counts as a fleet, and the eighth is reserved as Degin's
personal transport.

  It does look like Kishiria has two Gwazins at her disposal, based on
the TV series, but there could be a logical explanation for this seeming
anomaly. For example, if the Gwaran did indeed survive Solomon (and
eventually traveled from Kishiria's Granada base to Axis), the second
Gwazin-class ship that briefly escorts Kishiria's flagship is probably
the Gwaran - a survivor of Dozul's fleet.

>BTW, is there any evidence for the Gwaran being used to flee from Granada to
>Axis rather than the Asarum (as the Millenium site says).

  Well, apparently both ships were described in "The Last Red Comet" as
staging a sort of Axis relay race, so if we accept the Asarum as legit
then I guess we have to accept the Gwaran's escape too (as well a newtype
Twanning remote-controlling an Act Zaku, sigh).

-- Mark

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