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> I recently got my hands on a handfull of Gundam
> figures and I've never seen anything like them
> before. and I was wondering if any of you had heard
> of them or know anything about "part 1" of the
> series?
> There are 8 figures total (from SD Gundam) each 2
> inches high with die-cast metal bodies and PVC
> heads. They came packaged separately in window
> boxes. The packaging reads MB Gundam Development
> Project, MB Series SD Gundam Part 2. The set
> includes the RX-78GP03S, RX-78GP02A, RX-78GP01, and
> RX-78Gp01-FB. The cool thing, though, is that the
> set has all four Gundam in their normal
> coloring--and one each with a special black metallic
> coating!
> The variant black suits are really neat--and since
> these are from 0083 (SD'd, of course) I'm wondering
> if anyone knows about part 1 (maybe they're from the
> original Mobile Suit Gundam)?

I don't know about the 1st MB series (they r out there
for sure), but the 3rd MB series is already out:

MS-06F Zaku II (green)
MS-06F Zaku II Commander Type (green)
MS-07B Gouf (blue)
MS-09 Dom (black/purple)

As usual, they are available as either colourd
version, or the limited metallic version. I've seen
them and they are pretty nice.


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