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><< I prefer, if it were to exist, the anti-artillery used in Hammer's
> Funny you should mention missles vs. artillery, there's a great series of
> books written by Harry Turtledove about aliens invading WWII era Earth. The
> aliens' tech is basically about 10 years ahead of us (minus interstellar
> flight) so they have discarding sabot firing tanks, helicopter gunships, etc.
> The Germans actually manage to get about 5 rounds off from one of their
> massive railroad guns. The part that describes the aliens' horror as their
> anti-missles bounce off the massive shell is kind of humorous. Low tech vs.
> high tech. And well thought out history changes. Read it. It should be
> into a cable series. >>
>AHHH!!! I just finished that!!!!! The Paris gun, if anyone wishes to know,
>could fire artillery like...er... 83 miles away ^_^

The paris gun was WWI. 130ft long barrel, 210mm/228lbs. shell

WWII had the Gustav. 90ft long barrel, 800mm/7ton shell


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