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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Tomonaga wrote:
> > simulation game brand 'if Series'. The success of the intial version ensured
> > the future release of these types of games for other anime series as well.
> > The 4800 version included more MS(37), more elaborate game board, the game
> > sheet was now printed on cardboard, as well as a more substantial game book
> Wow cool! I would certain shell out for a release. 4800 Yens for 37
> minis is a bit much from the modeler's point of view, but it's cheap
> compared to other board games.

Also if you are making your own version, and wanted 37 substitute minis, it's going
to cost a lot more than 4800yen methinks!

> > Using 200% zoom I was able to make out most of it so here it is...
> Holy motherlobe you did the whole thing! : O

If the resolution of the scanned image was a little higher, there wouldn't have been
any problems but as it is , virtually all the text kanji in the scan are vague blobs
and I had to use guesswork for some of it. Note also that my last post wasn't an
attempt at direct word for word translation but an explanation of all the relevant

> > For moving the MS refer to the game sheet as the maximum number of spaces each
> > MS can move in any direction differs from 3 to 5 according to MS type. (It is
> > the numbers in the first column of the stats table.)
> So let's call that movment point. Does the rules specify when an attack
> can be mounted? I imagine only one attack per turn is allowed, does an
> attack necessarily terminate a turn for that MS?

An attack can be mounted at any time as long as it is your turn, the enemy target is
within attack range and this is the one and only action taken by the particular MS
in that particular turn. *In the G Generation videogame you can move then attack,
but not attack then move and from what I can see in the rules, I don't think this is
permitted in this game. i.e only one action per MS per turn. (If Move+Attack is
allowed, it might speed up the gameplay however - I guess it needs to be tested in
actual play)

Possible course of action for a MS in a single turn:
(1) Stay put
(2) Move - anywhere within the space specified by Movement point
(3) Attack - only if the enemy MS is within attacking range.
*(4) Move + Attack but not Attack + Move

> > If EDN>DN then the enemy MS is completely destroyed and is removed from the
> So there's no hitpoint huh? That's a pretty simplistic game rule. I was
> hoping for something similar to Risk.

If you compare the stats for the MS , you will see that despite being very simple,
it is quite realistic. The example given in the rules is Gundam attacking a Zaku II

Gundam's Attack = 12, Zaku II's Defence = 2
So we get 12-2 =10
throwing two dice gives 21 possible sums...

The probability of Zaku II ...
-avoiding the attack is 2/21 = 9.5% need a 11 or 12
-being temporarily disabled is 2/21 = 9.5% need a 10
-being completely destroyed is 17/21=81% less than 10

The Zaku II has only a 19% probability that it will survive an attack from Gundam.

So as you can see it is quite reasonable.

Compare the results for Char's Zaku II - Defence = 5
12-5 = 7
-avoiding the attack 9/21 = 43%
-being disabled 3/21 = 14%
-being destroyed 9/21 = 43%

Char's Zaku II has a 57% probability that it will survive an attack from Gundam.

Gundam attacking Zeong, Zeong attacking Gundam - in either case the matching stats
mean that the probability of survival is ~71%.

> > All in all, it seems like a fun game to play, and the great thing is
> > with the scanned images and the above rules, you can easily make your
> > own ! : )
> That's the whole idea! :) Holy this is MASSIVE. I still can't believe
> you just sat down and translated the whole thing! I am going to
> incorporate your changes to the page right now. I assume you won't object
> to that?

No problems. I see that you didn't waste much time updating your site! : )


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