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Tue, 1 Feb 2000 15:34:17 -0500 (EST) wrote:
> Okay, but can we get this game these days?
> I'd surely like a copy....

Well one never says never, but me thinks it be unwise to hold thy breath.
Once again: is there a PR or marketing department in Bandai we can write
to petition a release or re-release of certain kits?

It is a lot more realistic to create our own game board, rules and game
pieces. With good quality colour printers all over the place, it doesn't
cost much to create a very nice game from scratch.

It would be really cool to have 3-D miniatures for game pieces. You can
try to collect some of the minis from existing Bandai kits, but I don't
think there's a 1/550 Ball, Zaku I or suitably sized Elmeth etc. Big Zam
and Corebooster should be in the game too.

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