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<< I prefer, if it were to exist, the anti-artillery used in Hammer's
 Funny you should mention missles vs. artillery, there's a great series of
 books written by Harry Turtledove about aliens invading WWII era Earth. The
 aliens' tech is basically about 10 years ahead of us (minus interstellar
 flight) so they have discarding sabot firing tanks, helicopter gunships, etc.
 The Germans actually manage to get about 5 rounds off from one of their
 massive railroad guns. The part that describes the aliens' horror as their
 anti-missles bounce off the massive shell is kind of humorous. Low tech vs.
 high tech. And well thought out history changes. Read it. It should be
 into a cable series. >>
AHHH!!! I just finished that!!!!! The Paris gun, if anyone wishes to know,
could fire artillery 83 miles away ^_^

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