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Eddie writes,

> The C-model also involved plating of radiation armor, IIRC. The first time
> I came to know its existence was playing Giren's Ambition on Saturn, but
> it might have been mentioned in other printed sources before.

  Its existence was, I think, established by Gundam Century, which simply
identified it as "the early model of the Zaku II used at the start of the
war." The explanation that it had anti-radiation armor was first advanced by
Entertainment Bible 1, which also noted that this pushed the C type's dry
weight from 58 to 72 tons.

  I've always been rather skeptical about the anti-radiation armor
explanation. What about the Zaku I and other Zaku II variants, which also
fought in the opening weeks of the war? But of late, they've pushed back the
introduction of the S type to after the Battle of Ruum, making it
contemporary with the F and J types (e.g. Char is now said to have used a C
type at Ruum). And you could claim that the Zaku I was primarily used for
non-combat work, e.g. attaching colony drop engines and gassing colonies. So
yeah, it's plausible that the C type actually was optimized for nuclear

> Interesting how a Zaku I head was tucked onto the body of a Zaku II.
> I thought they weren't even compatible?

  I suppose they could be - witness the Zaku Tank and Worker Zaku, which are
hybrids of kitbashed Zaku I and Zaku II parts. As for the Black Trinary's
throwback heads, perhaps there's some avionics or computer gear in there
that they were deeply attached to...

> The MG Zaku I kits apparently did not come with one of those commander's
> antenna. Is the Zaku I always bald, even for commander units? I thought
> Ramba Ral's blue Zaku I had the antenna.

  I kinda suspect that the fin on the back of its head was originally
intended to be the command antenna - we first see it in use by Captain
Gadem, whose rank would normally warrant a command antenna. The only other
Zaku I sighting in the original series is at A Bao A Qu, and it's hard to
tell from the cel art whether this one has the antenna.

  But after 08th MS Team and the Giren's Greed cut scenes, it seems that
commander Zaku Is have a forehead antenna after all, in addition to the
standard fin.

-- Mark

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