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> > One reason you're getting so many different answers to your question is
> that your definition of the term "mecha" is different from Japanese
> speakers' definition.

Fascinating! I see. So, in this sense, Gatchaman *would* be mecha.

> To Japanese speakers, "mecha" is anything mechanical, period. It does not
> mean advanced combat humanoid vehicles only. It can be advanced or
> primitive, combat or civilian, humanoid or non-humanoid, and Japanese or
> otherwise. Laputa's flaptors, Mach Go! Go! Go!/Speed Racer's Mach 5,
> Yamato/Star Blazers' Yamato -- they're *all* considered mecha.

Thanks for the info! What about things like the the Bts in BT'X, or the ultra-technical armored suits in Saint Seiya. Do you think Japanese classifications would call these mecha?

> [Oh, hi folks again. ^^ Hopefully I can catch up with my e-mail and ML
> replies this weekend. Well, hopefully. ^^;]>>

Nice to meet you!

Vincent Valentine


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