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> You remember Gatchaman, too? There's part of my grade
> school memories, and a fond one I must stress :)

hee hee! Me three. Gatchaman is actually heir to a long line of similar bird-mech-fighter-sci-fi series by those wonderful Tatsunoko guys. Some of the other series are Casshan, Lighting Polymar, etc. Check this page out for some cool pics of Gatchman-cousin series:

(Scroll down past the kiddie-stuff and you'll see the Gatchaman family. You'll really enjoy it!)

And, yes... Gatchman was sci fi and used mech-type materials, but the power in the series was with each character's human skills or ability to use suits, weapons, and martial arts. I'd have to say that it's not the same as Gundam, where pilots succeed by understanding a war machine and using their skills through a large "robot."

But there certainly are similarities, ne?

Hissah, Gatchaman! :)


> Besides Gatchaman, there are also a whole series of
> Dinosaur-safari shows that predate Jurassic Park
> almost two decades ago. There are lots of unusual
> brand of mechas and exploring vehicles, too. They are
> a bit borderline I think, but those were the
> alternative to the Super Robos back in the 70s...
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